Inspired by President Moses Tut’s life experience as young student challenged with traditional institutional learning he decides to withdraw from college. Next facing the world without any connections as a transplant from out of state, very limited in access and referral due to his limited network, cemented by his undeveloped potential, Moses becomes the individual CYS strives to connect with today. Moving forward Moses connects with mentors, advisors and engages heavily in experiential learning as a volunteer with the Sioux Falls Diversity Council. Through time, development and revelation Moses decides his purpose to create the entity that could do for others what was done for him. Thus Conscious Youth Solutions
was born in his mind Summer 2015

The mission of CYS is to bridge the gap between employers and young adults entering the workforce. We empower and connect millennials and underserved communities to advance workforce training and career exploration. According to the Sioux Falls Area Action Agenda, an extremely tight labor market is causing thousands of positions to remain unfilled, many of them in lower-skill, lower-paying occupations.  Fewer employment opportunities at the higher end of the skills spectrum have left many workers in situations where they are “underemployed” for their current positions.

The majority of job openings for positions are on the lower end of the skills spectrum and pay scale. At the K-12 level, an increasingly low-income population with a growing percentage of limited-English proficiency students challenges educators to effectively present career opportunities to these youth and train them for college and the workplace. Identify and advance priority programs to support targeted populations in the region. The Sioux Falls Area will only be as effective as the region’s ability to train qualified workers for jobs being retained and created. The primary goal of this program is to train and educate underserved communities and millennials on soft/job skills, entrepreneurship, communication, business development, and professional growth by way of on-site lesson plans and facilitated mentorships & support.

Our future leaders will more closely align with the changing ethnic demographics of our community. Participants will navigate personal, professional, and career exploration desires and professional development. They will enhance their entrepreneurial skills such as: communication, marketing knowledge/strategies, developing and retaining quality employee traits, networking techniques and key professional skills that make them more competitive in the workforce and equip them with necessary skills to be an asset to any company. They will become more conscious of employment skills such as: professionalism, interview preparation, dress attire, teamwork, confidence, budgeting, and sales pitching to potential employers or partners. Retention of young and ethnic talent will improve the local job economy. Mentorship opportunities for companies, businesses, and professionals and being a guest speaker. Businesses and companies will be able to interact with YLA graduates and will have access to a pool of talented potential employees and future leaders in various community groups.