Working with millennials can be challenging. These steps will teach you  how to work with millennials in the workplace

Millennials are redefining leadership and the flow of the workforce. They are changing the workforce environment and they are no longer the youngest group in the workforce. As millennials continue to take over leadership positions, there is a shift in the workforce that every company should prepare for. Here are five ways millennials are going to transform your workplace.

1. Diversity & Inclusion

Millennials are coming into the workforce with a different perspective on what diversity is and what inclusion has to do with it. Millennials respond to diversity in such positive way than any other generation has ever done. After all, they are the most diverse generation the world has ever seen. Millennials strongly value diversity and believe diversity can influence a company’s overall success. They believe diversity has a major impact on creativity and innovations in the workforce. As they take over management positions and more lucrative positions in corporate America, the workforce can expect more diverse employees while leveling the playing field for all.

2. Millennial Leadership

A new standard of leadership millennials are setting has no name yet. Such leadership is different from what existed before. The new leadership millennials are setting up has a lot to do with the growth of technology. We are living in a shared economy. No one wants to own a house by themselves and drive to work alone. No one wants to work long hours in one place if some work can easily be done at one’s convenient. What is truly most valuable to millennials in the workforce today is flexibility, feedback, ethics, integrity, better compensation and more benefits. The new leadership under millennials is the opposite of the old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Instead, millennials are about perfecting everything there is. They believe in hard work. In addition, the leadership motto suggests that continuous improvement enhances innovations in the workforce.

3. Millennials will not settle for less

It has been said that millennials are job hoppers. In the time being, you might be right. The oldest millennial today is in his or her mid 30’s. As millennials get older, more and more millennials will want to settle. It is true that a majority of millennials won’t settle for less. They will go wherever the pay is right. Is your company struggling to make millennials stay? You are not alone. There is no one end be-all solution to why millennials are unable to commit to one employer. The idea of being loyal to one employer to build your resume is no longer scary as it used to be. Six months to a year and a half is enough experience for a millennial to take on a new opportunity. As long the new opportunity offers them more income, more flexibility, and is more welcoming to their ideas and their longing for autonomy.

How to work with millennials in the workforce

how to work with millennials in the workforce

What can workforce do to keep millennials working for them? Let them be heard. Allow them to participate and grow. Create a workplace that is fun, friendly and socially responsible. Companies might need to pay them better than what their competitors are willing to offer them. Finally, create innovation in the workplace by honoring creativity and hard work. Eventually, with more experience and stable company positions, millennials will settle down and become loyal to one employer to grow their career.

4. Technology

Millennials grew up with technology and make use of it than any other generation. As result, they tend to rely on technology to help enhance the quality of their work. However, technology keeps growing and system automation keep changing. Will millennial keep learning new techniques and new systems? No one knows how far technology is going to take us. On the other hand, companies do not have to work about spending so much money on training their employees with machine learning and artificial intelligence. Millennials learn faster and are very coachable when it comes to technology. Do not be afraid to hire a millennial because of fear that they might not be able to learn your system. Behold, they will have ideas on ways you can improve your workplace systems to meet their needs.

5. Start with Why

Millennials are motivated individuals. But rarely do we talk about what truly motivates them the most. Millennials in the workforce are mostly motivated by the why of the company. Have you been wondering how some companies are able to earn loyalty from millennials? That is the hot topic today and it will continue to be for a very long time. How do you best serve your millennial employees? How do you keep young people in your city or working for you? How do you best work with millennials? The questions can go on and on. But notice how all the questions are really getting to one thing. What’s the best way to keep an employee?

Whereas there can be multiple answers to such questions. The most answer that is creating real result in real time is the purpose. Letting your employee know why your company exists. In other words, why is your company here to do? What is the purpose of your company? in the book, Start With Why, Simon Sinek talks about the Golden Circle. He claims that the most successful companies know their why and they capitalize on their “Why” to make a profit and contribute to society. Millennials will want to know the “Why” of your company. They will want to align their values with yours. They will want to make more money. However, you will win them if you create a job that is meaningful to them.

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